Grace Twesigye

Name:Grace Twesigye

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Why BYKlyn:The people and the vibe, really and truly. It's an open, diverse, and non-judgemental space. It's incredibly special and there's no other place like it (which is why I keep coming back)!

Life Beyond BYKlyn: If I'm not at the studio, you can find me traipsing about New York trying to learn as much as possible (I'm a self-avowed history geek), practicing yoga, reading voraciously (I'm also a self-avowed bibliophile), or traveling to visit my very large, very spread out family in Uganda, Baltimore, Ohio, UK, and Germany.

Anything else we should know: I love the arts -- dance, theater, music, you name it. Fun fact: I had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall back in high school with my (very talented) orchestra!

Social media:
IG: twesg
Twitter: @helloiamgrace

Grace Twesigye is currently not instructing any classes.