Danielle Katz

Name: Danielle Katz

Hometown: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Why BYKlyn? Why not? What's not to like. The vibe is Brooklyn all day every day... gritty, real and diverse.

What's your class really like? It depends. One day it could be a party on the bike. The next day we're digging deep in the trenches. But it's all good!

What's your music vibe? I love music and love to channel my inner DJ in my classes so you'll always get a healthy mix of every and anything. In my ultimate cycling class I would have my fave artists performing. What? A girl can dream?!

Life beyond the BYKbox: When I'm not at BYKlyn I teach at my own art-based play-school.

Anything else you want us to know:
Cycling, family, traveling, good food.

FB: Danielle James Katz
IG: slydawtr1
Spotify: oseij


Danielle Katz instructs the following:
  • BYKBody
  • BYKlyn full body workout: 45 minutes of raging cardio followed by a 5-minute arm sizzle and chisel to the right of the bike!

  • PureBYK
  • THE BYKlyn Experience: 45 minutes of high intensity cardio in our BYKbox to AMAZING music fitting the ride. Hills, Flats, Sprints, Intervals. This is a "no push up zone".

  • BYK$20
  • Discounted PureBYK classes for riders on a budget. $20 (plus tax and shoes) for anyone who can get here a little early—teachers, students and everyone really. Same great class, same results, just a little cheaper so more people can join us!

  • Island Vibe: Carnival edition - PureBYK
  • The first Sunday of the month means ISLAND style at BYKlyn where the temp is hot and the music is hotter! Soca, reggae, zouk, salsa…from Cuba to Trinidad--it’s all here. Danielle will be serving up her signature killer ride to all the sounds of the Carribbean.. Note: no liming, only sweating. Sand not included.

  • Hip Hop Hump day - BYKBody

  • Frenemies - BYK$20
  • Every Thanksgiving table has it. The relatives you don’t like—and let the tension begin! This ride celebrates that drama— the Frenemies of Friendsgiving! Petty beefs, friendships gone sour, bad breakups. This ride we spill the tea on the ghosts of friendships past: Katy vs Taylor, Pink vs Christina, Britney vs Justin, Selena vs Demi... let's give some good Byklyn energy so they can mend fences!